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3 months internship (prior M&A experience)

Onsite internship to support all aspects of deal flow. Only available for those with min. 2 years of M&A or DD experience.

Job Description

This internship is an immersion experience for those with prior experiences in Merger & Acquisition, Investment Banking, or Private Equity, to gain hands-on experience in the search funds, and lower-middle market deal making. As part of this immersion, you will meet Search Fund investors, potential sellers, and experience the high and lows of operating a Search Fund.



Market Research

  • Conduct comprehensive market research to identify potential industries and sectors for acquisition opportunities.

  • Analyze industry trends, competitive landscapes, and market dynamics to identify attractive investment areas.


Deal Sourcing

  • Assist in sourcing potential acquisition targets through various channels, including databases, industry reports, outbound efforts, and networking events.

  • Reach potential company for sale through email, mail, and phone calls.

  • Support the managing partner in attending events and meeting potential sellers.

  • Collaborate with the team to develop a robust pipeline of potential investment opportunities.

  • Desktop research of potential companies and prepare pre meeting brief for managing partner. 


Financial Analysis

  • Assist in the financial analysis of potential targets, including creating financial models, conducting valuation analysis, and assessing investment returns.


Due Diligence

  • Support due diligence efforts by gathering and analyzing information related to target companies, including legal, financial, and operational aspects.

  • Collaborate with external advisors and experts to ensure a thorough understanding of potential risks and opportunities.


Documentation and Reporting

  • Prepare and maintain detailed documentation for each potential acquisition target, including investment summaries and reports.

  • Assist in the preparation of presentations and reports for the investment committee.

  • Publish white papers and thought leadership on our findings.


Ad hoc Support

  • Provide administrative support to the team, including scheduling meetings, coordinating communication, and managing project timelines.



  • At least 2 years’ direct experience in M&A, Investment Banking or Private Equity in a reputable firm (for those without prior experience, please look out for the 6 months full time internship position) 

  • Must have a strong passion in Search Funds and/or Private Equity – deeply curious about lower-middle market deals and companies

  • Investor-ready written and modelling skills

  • Full time, on site or remote, for minimum 3 months

Full Time (40 hrs / week)

Time Commitment

Onsite in Singapore


3 months

Min. Length

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