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Your Legacy, Our Future

Garlic Equity Capital aims to identify, acquire and operate exceptional small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore.
Backed by CEOs and Investors who have operated and acquired more than 120 SMEs globally, we bring SME operating expertise to help good products and services endure across generations.

Like garlic, we believe that great businesses could be small, but robust and universally important to all communities.

Crowd and lion dancers in the celebration of the chinese New Year in Ho Chi Minh City, Vie
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Goh Aik Chuan 
Managing Partner 
Garlic Equity Partner 

作为一位企业家,您在前所未有的挑战中保持了韧性。您为客户提供了优质的产品,兑现了对供应商的承诺,并为员工提供了生计, 同时也为自已创造了一定的财富, 也许现在正是您思考退休与传承的时刻。。。 


我是奕川,一位经验丰富的总经理,拥有为 1 亿新元收入的企业实现盈利增长的记录。在拥有运营或收购120多家中小企业经验的首席执行官和投资者的支持下,我们建立了金蒜金融资管公司,旨在识别、合作、收购和经营卓越的新加坡企业。 









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