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Your Legacy, Our Future

Garlic Equity Capital aims to identify, acquire and operate exceptional small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore.
Backed by CEOs and Investors who have operated and acquired more than 120 SMEs globally, we bring SME operating expertise to help good products and services endure across generations.

Like garlic, we believe that great businesses could be small, but robust and universally important to all communities.

Crowd and lion dancers in the celebration of the chinese New Year in Ho Chi Minh City, Vie
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Goh Aik Chuan 
Managing Partner 
Garlic Equity Partner 

Hi there!


As an entrepreneur, you have stayed resilient through unprecedented challenges. You have delivered great products to your clients, honored payments to suppliers, and provided for employees. Rightly, you are now thinking about your legacy.

I am Aik Chuan, a seasoned general manager with a track record of growing S$100m revenue enterprises profitably. Supported by CEOs and investors with the collective experience of operating or acquiring more than 120 Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) globally, we have built Garlic Equity Capital, with the aim to partner, acquire and operate exceptional Singaporean businesses.

Our mission is clear: to serve as the ideal successor / partner for your business.

When you are ready, we can pick up the daily responsibilities of your business, while you prioritize other parts of life with a comfortable financial package that we provide. At the same time, we maintain deep respect for what you have built.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize the challenge of such a decision. We are open to your unique considerations.

If you are thinking of selling your business, let us connect.


Aik Chuan and the Garlic Equity Capital Team

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